Top 3 Remodeling Trends & European Inspiration

Ever wonder what other homeowners are doing to remodel?  According to CBS MoneyWatch, the top three remodeling trends that NARI (National Association of Remodeler Industry) contractors shared for 2011 were

Karen Mills blog

Karen Mills' blog

German bathroom design

Karen Mills blog

My bathroom at Berchelli Hotel in Florence Italy


Karen Mills' blog

My bathroom at the Berchelli Hotel in Florence Italy












Trend #1 Save Money: Remodel a Bath (less expensive than a kitchen)

And if you’re looking for bathroom ideas, why not get inspiration from a recent vacation or trip such as the European bathrooms pictured?  I just love the tranquility of the first bathroom in England and the bold tiled walls of the Italian bath made me feel like I was walking into a jewel box!   And how about this pink bathroom in Paris?  Definitely a great look for a diva in pink.

Karen Mills blog

Bathroom in Paris France













Trend #2 Must Do Remodeling Needed repairs of roofs, siding, windows, etc.

Trend #3 Warming up the House Adding a warmer cozy feel to to your interiors with earthy colors and modern touches that are calming.  Funny.  I’m seeing the same trend with my clients, traditional with a twist such as a contemporary painting or pattern thrown into the mix.

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