Interior Design: Inexpensive Tips for Remaking Your Backyard Space

Ready to celebrate the best spring ever in your own backyard? Here are some great inexpensive tips to make the most of your outdoor space.

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When I caught the spring fever of the season, I immediately went shopping in my own home to search for extra decor that could be repurposed outdoors.  It’s amazing what I discovered from a bamboo birdcage, a metal candle chandelier, and chinese paper lanterns that will hang from my pergola to shells, a candlebra, a wicker tray and an old sisal rug that will add great texture to my space.

Karen Mills' blog

Backyard design featured by House Beautiful magazine

So why not shop your house for hidden treasures too that you can bring outdoors or peruse stores and estate sales for vintage items you can repaint or remake to create a one of kind space instead of buying a matched set of furniture that doesn’t show off your personality!

Karen Mills' blog

Of course I’m also a huge fan of hammocks and even though I hadn’t had one for a few years, my son recently turned me on to polyester hammocks that set up anywhere, last longer and fold easily into a tiny pouch allowing you to take them around the world which is exactly what my son plans to do with his as he heads overseas next semester.

But if around the world isn’t an option for you why not take your hammock to you own backyard, the woods behind your house like our family does or even to a nearby park where you can just enjoy the day!

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  1. Gappsi

    This was a great article I love the design you show here, I used it as inspiration for my own backyard! Thanks a million

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