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Remodeling Trends in Interior Design: What’s Hot?

According to CBS MoneyWatch the top 12 remodeling trends for 2011 are …

Karen Mills' blog on remodeling trends 2011

Karen Mills' blog on remodeling trends

1. Remodeling bathrooms because they are less expensive than kitchens.   And if you don’t have money for a complete remodel you can still repaint or wallpaper, replace hardware faucets and knobs plus light fixtures to update your space.  

Don’t you just love this Sanibel CoastalReef tile with shelves for candles pictured above? 

Karen Mills' blog on remodeling trends 2011

2. Must Do Remodeling Projects

Karen Mills' blog on remodeling trends

3. Warming Up The House  by picking warmer inviting colors in earthy organic styles with a little contemporary flair.

Karen Mills blog on remodeling trends  

Other top trends for 2011 I always recommend as an interior designer include opening up rooms in an existing house,  creating a place to relax plus planning ahead for our needs (Universal Design) as we age. 

Karen Mills' blog on remodeling trends

Before you begin, though, don’t forget one of the other top trends this year of selecting a great contractor.  And NARI (National Association of  The Remodeling Industry) offers a  brochure you can download on on selecting a great contractor click here to go to their website.


To read about the rest of the Top Remodeling Trends for 2011, click here.


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Curb Appeal: How to Create It!

Ready to give your home a little curb appeal?

As Kansas City’s top home stager and an interior designer I suggest you begin by adding color and interest to your front door area (focal point) with a pot or two of colorful flowers.  However, you don’t need as many pots as in the picture above.  One pot on each side of the door will do wonders for your home along with an attractive door mat and a wall pocket or wreath placed on the door.
And is there’s room, consider adding seating, a table and other decorations to enhance your entry along with planting  colorful annuals leading up to the door.
If you have a tree in your front yard, make sure that you keep the branches trimmed back so your entry can be seen from the street and cut back any bushes that block your walkway.

Curb Appeal

Another important consideration for curb appeal starts with edging your lawn so it looks crisp as in the photo above which also gives visitors the impression that you’re a good housekeeper inside too!

Curb Appeal

And if you want to add more shrubs or flowers consider creating berms or landscaping areas dedicated to only plantings as pictured above instead of just adding plants randomly throughout your yard.  Plus, by grouping plants together, you make a much stronger design statement and add more appeal overall.
For more great information on curb appeal, don’t miss Living Large this Sunday at 10am CST on News Radio 980 KMBZ (streams live on kmbz.com) as I talk with the HGTV host of Curb Appeal Rick Spence along with the DIY network host of Desparate Landscapes, Jason Cameron who reveal the secrets to great curb appeal.
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Outdoor Rooms: The Sky’s The Limit

Can you believe the array of new products available for our outdoor spaces?! Incredible isn’t it?   

Fire and Water Fountain

Love this pool design with waterfalls topped by fire over the pool.  Reminds of our annual FireWater event held every year at the Plaza that’s so mesmerizing.

WaterFire event - Plaza in Kansas City

Fire and Water Fountain

 What drama and excitement these fountains create but if you like something a little more zen like, check out this relaxing fountain below.

Fire & water fountain

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Design Styles: What’s Yours?

Not sure of your design style?  Then check out some of these styles to see if they speak to you….

Modern villa- from yatzer.com

I  just love this gorgeous modern style villa that sits over the water, especially the way the architect offset the glass building from the metal support structure.  And the lap pool is divine.  The only thing I would consider adding would be a glass floor in the middle of the main floor that allowed a view down into the ocean. 

Contemporary design style in Japan

Most of the elements in this room above make it feel old and rustic including the gothic arch over the sink.

Retro room- courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald

Notice the sunburst mirror and graphic elements in this room that give it a retro feel along with the burst of color.

Of course most of us in the United States are traditional style but I love to share other styles so you can mix in a little of them if you like. 

For more great information on design styles, tune in this Sunday at 10am CST on Living Large on News Radio 980 KMBZ as I talk with celebrity designer Kathy Ireland along with other experts.

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Remodeling in a Recession: What Design Trends are Hot?

Thinking about remodeling but not sure what to do?  Like to know what design trends are hot right now but want to spend wisely?  I understand and that’s why I’m going to share what I’m hearing from my design clients and others in the industry. 

Some popular granite colors

Some popular granite colors

Granite countertops still rule as one of the most popular kitchen upgrades along with stainless steel appliances.  In the bathroom, luxury showers are gaining popularity along with expanding smaller spaces to create a spa like atmosphere.  And in public areas open floorplans are still the rage and one of the most common recommendations I make to clients along with bringing the outdoors in by adding windows or even french doors.

Other popular improvements I highly recommend include upgrading your light fixtures, replacing hardware on kitchen or bath cabinets, enhancing your outdoor space or just giving your room a fresh coat of paint.  

 Some of the upgrades I’m personally working on in a recently purchased home include improving my landscaping to  not only have a great view from the inside, but also to block less appealing views when I’m in the backyard.  And I’m enhancing the look of my fireplace along with upgrading  light fixtures and repainting.

Creating a focal point is another recommendation I often give clients and  tiling a wall behind your sinks to create a focal point is just one of tips HGTV’S Designed To Sell host Taniya Nayak will share this Sunday on Living Large at 10am Central on News Radio 980 KMBZ (streams live on kmbz.com) with me.  DIY Network’s host of Disaster House Josh Temple will also share some remodeling ideas Sunday along with remodeling author Al Heavens so make sure you tune in.

Renovating Your Home book

Renovating Your Home book

Also on Living Large at 10:30am Central time on Saturday on Classical 1660 KXTR, we’ll be sharing design trends along with two nationally known designers Charles Allem and Campion Platt.   Some of the big trends right now include using organic shapes and materials including wood in simple but sometimes unconventional ways, having a global feel to your decor, mixing different metals together, using concrete in more than just flooring, pairing opposites such as traditional with modern, or smooth surfaces with textured plus the use of glossy finishes.

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