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Whether you’re looking for help with remodeling, a new home build or custom interior design the choices can be daunting and the process overwhelming.  That’s why we come in as a trusted advisor to help create a beautiful interior that makes better use of space, saves time, reduces stress, and makes  life better while avoiding costly mistakes, saving money, and making last minute decisions.
Our interior design options range from providing an initial consult /master design plan or close collaborative effort to simply handing over the keys and having us surprise you when we make the big reveal. 
Call 913.764.5915 or email karen@karenmills.net now to discuss your project, investment options for your design, and to find out how we can save you money.

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1. Initial Scope of Work(Needs)/Budget
Like any project, the first step is determining your project needs and desired budget.  With a remodeling project, we suggest that you add an additional 20% buffer to your budget for unexpected issues that could arise with your structure.   We also can provide a design guide to assist you with this step or will discuss with you beforehand to ensure we are a good fit.  And if you don’t know the budget initially, we can figure that out.
2. Interior Design Concept/Overall Master Plan (Usually Initial Consult)
We walk through your interior to make recommendations for the best function, flow, and aesthetics of your interior based on your needs.  We help you uncover your unique design style and color scheme to create a cohesive look with your architecture while providing you a written high level master plan.
After the walk through, we may also provide initial floor plans of rooms with furniture sizes or sketches/perspectives of kitchen/bath cabinetry/layout.
3. Provide Resources/Finalize Budget
Our resources provide project estimates based on our master plan and they may include contractors, sub contractors, architects, work rooms, wholesale showrooms (furniture, flooring, window coverings, rugs, lighting, etc) and/or custom cabinet makers to complete your interior design project.   We can also provide assistance with selecting best resources including a contractor or furnishings.
4. Design Concept Finalization
During this phase we finalize the conceptual design, space plan, and specificy cabinetry, appliances, plumbing, furniture, lighting, flooring, window coverings, wall coverings, and/or other finishes that are part of the overall design.  This phase may including a lighting plan, tile layout/design, door/window/wall locations, and more.
 5.  Create a schedule/timetable
Our interior design firm helps create a viable timetable for project completion based on needs and availability of selected resources. We also plan for minimal disruption of your life by creating a schedule that helps ensure the finishes, furnishings, custom cabinetry and more is selected and ordered before construction begins along with ensuring you still have options for cooking or bathing, when possible.
6. Project Management/Contract
During this phase our firm will focus on the details of your project and getting it right which may include providing assistance with procuring contractors/vendors, overseeing the project, coordinating work schedules, keeping on schedule, attending weekly construction meetings, handling change management, resolving construction issues, delays in product delivery, and replacing missing/broken products.
Before our more detailed design services or construction begin, we can provide options for interior design/project management that can range from a hourly consult fee to a set project investment based on scope of work that may include management of the whole project/team, partial management, or simply providing consultation on finishes/overall design concept.