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Full-Service Custom Interior Design

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Experience a collaborative partnership that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations when you work with our studio.

Our full-service package is the ultimate in convenience and peace of mind, allowing you to relax and savor the creative journey as we bring your vision to life.

We help you find pieces that are the right size, shape, finish, color, pattern, proportion, and scale to create the perfect harmony in your space. Email

Remodel, Addition, or New Build Design

Simplify your renovation or new build project and life with our luxe service.

Acting as a trusted partner, we can manage every detail, from coordinating with your builder and managing material selections to site visits and the final walkthrough to create an enjoyable stress-free experience.

Our design services may include everything from architectural elements like custom cabinetry or fireplaces to walls, ceilings, doors, and more. Email

Another raving fan…

Karen has great taste, of course, and most important has an instinctual feeling for the taste and desires of her clients. She knew exactly what look I wanted for my kitchen and combined that design concept with total functionality. And she was fun and easy to work with. A great experience!

client Kay Ketchum

The Ultimate Guide to Space Planning

Having difficulty starting your interior design project but not ready to hire a designer yet?

Grab your free copy now to help avoid mistakes, save time, and reduce stress as I guide you step by step through the space plan process with real life examples.

Our Process

1. Interior Design Concept and Deliverables

We make recommendations for the best function, flow. and aesthetics of your interior based on your requirements and wishes. We also help you uncover your vision, unique design style, and a color scheme to create a cohesive design concept that flows with both your aesthetic and architecture.

Next, we conduct a trade day to source products and get estimates of furnishings costs from our highly vetted team of experts that may include contractors, sub-contractors, architects, upholstery/pillow/drapery work rooms, wholesale showrooms (furniture/flooring/rugs, window/wall coverings, etc.) and/or custom cabinet makers needed to complete your interior design concept.

2. Detailed Design Phase and Deliverables

During this phase we finalize the conceptual interior design and provide deliverables to help you grasp the design concept. We ensure materials chosen coordinate beautifully together with your home, are in budget, and on time, while managing all the complexities of the project. We can also space plan your room(s), and specify cabinetry, tile, flooring, appliances, plumbing, furniture, lighting, window/wall coverings, and/or other finishes needed to complete your project. This phase may include a lighting plan, tile layout/design, door/window/wall locations, ceiling design, fireplace design, and more.

Our interior design firm helps create a viable timetable for project completion based on the needs and availability of selected resources. We also plan for minimal disruption of your life by creating a schedule that helps ensure the finishes, furnishings, custom cabinetry, and more is designed and ordered before construction begins along with ensuring you still have options for cooking or bathing, when possible.

3. Project Management, Purchasing, and Installation

During this phase our firm will focus on the big picture and small details of your interior design project. These tasks can include purchasing, creating work orders, tracking products, coordinating receiving, handling damage issues, white glove delivery, providing assistance with procuring contractors/vendors, overseeing the design portion of the project, coordinating work schedules, help keeping vendors/contractors on schedule, attending weekly construction meetings or site walkthroughs, handling change management, resolving construction issues, delays in product delivery, and replacing missing/broken products.

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