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Interior Design: 3 Tips for Creating a Beautiful Bedroom

If you’re getting tired of your dated or uninviting master bedroom, then its time to incorporate my top 3 tips for designing a beautiful bedroom.

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Photo courtesy of Bernhardt
  1. Select a color scheme and design style that fits how you want to feel in your bedroom.   After working on over a thousand home projects as an interior designer, I would say that most of you want a comfortable cozy inviting space where you can unwind.   One of the most popular choices for a relaxing bedroom are the variations of blues, blue greens or greens, but neutrals and even dramatic colors can still work in a calm environment.   If you’re looking for another feeling in this space, though, then listen to your heart and create exactly what you are dreaming about for your room.


2. Create an eye catching functional floor plan

Normally it’s best to place the head of your bed on the longest wall and in a position where it can be seen from the entrance.  Add end tables and lamps for functionality and ambiance along with a chair or bench for seating.

Karen Mills' blog
Interior design by Karen Mills

3. Texture Texture Texture  To accomplish this feat consider adding different textures around your room from walls, bedding fabrics and window treatments to furniture and accessories because variety in texture is what keeps a space from being too cold.  Plus as an interior designer, I recommend keeping busy patterns to a minimum because if overdone, you’ve suddenly created a room with competing patterns that can be unnerving.

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