Interior Design: 3 Tips for Selecting Quality Outdoor Furniture

How to narrow down the choices for high quality outdoor seating

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Photo courtesy of B&B Italia furniture

1. Color

I think we as consumers are naturally drawn to our favorite colors and often purchase based on that fact alone but when you’re investing in a quality piece(s) of outdoor furniture you might want to consider longevity of a frame or cushion color that’s beyond a neutral.

Of course if a particular color is part of who you are, then it may not matter.  For me as an interior designer, my favorite color is usually what we are designing that day or week.  That’s why neutral seating frames and/or cushions are often best because you can switch out accessory colors every time you want a new look without starting over.

Karen Mills' blog

Courtesy of Castelle furniture

2. Furniture Style

Style, a key factor in selecting furniture, plays a huge role outside because the furnishings must not only coordinate with the exterior of the home and the view beyond but also relate the the adjacent rooms inside.

This outdoor furniture designed by Barclay Butera, who’s known for his signature blue and white color scheme, comes together beautifully with a fretwork design on the chair sides and gold finials to give a new twist to a timeless classic.

Karen Mills' blog

Photo courtesy of Gloster furniture

3. Comfort

Of course comfort is the most important factor when it comes to seating, especially if its where you will sit for prolonged periods savoring your outdoor space.   When selecting furniture ensure the seat is not only tall enough for your legs but also the right depth for you.

In this photo the chair dips down in the back to allow a more relaxed seating position which can be ideal for taking in the views while a more upright seat might better accommodate you for dining.

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