Interior Design: 3 Tips for Designing a Relaxing Living Room

Karen Mills' blog

Photo courtesy of Century Furniture

Nothing’s better than coming home to an inviting relaxing home.   That’s why my focus as an interior designer has always been as much about function as beauty.  Read on for three tips for creating a comfortable interior design.

1. Comfortable seating.  Select upholstery cushions that are comfortable for long periods of sitting.  Plus ensure your feet are able to touch the floor and the seat depth is right for you.
Karen Mills' blog

Interior design by Karen Mills

2. Layer in texture  Texture can be added with area rugs and/or soft window treatments along with accessories like pillows or throws.  And remember each layer of texture creates a cozier feel.
Karen Mills' blog

Photo courtesy of Century Furniture

 3. Create a Cozy Seating Area for Conversation
When interior designers put together a floor plan for a living area, they focus on designing intimate seating areas like this one pictured.

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